Expositie Kimberly Poppe

Vernissage (Opening Drinks) on 14 October

You are invited to the opening of Kimberly’s exhibition at BLOU on Saturday 14 October to admire her art work in our store, while enjoying some drinks and bites. Kimberly will also be present to tell you more about the collection. You are welcome from 15:00h and the drinks end at 19:00h. You can walk in and do not need to register beforehand.

Saturday 14 October
15:00-19:00 uur
BLOU Amsterdam (Location)

About the Artist

Kimberly Poppe is a multi-talented artist. Besides her work as photographer, she also does improvisation comedy. Her photographic collection named “Conversations” at BLOU is about connection. The pictures “talk” to each other, even though they are taken of various – at first sight unrelated – aspects of life. She hopes that her work inspires others to engage in wider conversation in an increasingly polarised world. To help us find the connections where seemingly none exist.

“On a personal level, as I looked through years of images, it allowed me to digest and bring together all the seemingly different and disparate aspects of my life, providing new windows or openings, places where air could enter and things could become more whole.”