Diamond and Gemstone settings

Do you have loose gemstones or diamonds in your jewellery, are you looking for a reliable and professional setter? Margriet Cuijpers is an experienced goldsmith and setter with years of experience setting gems and diamonds for jewellery stores, goldsmiths and personal clients. Get in touch using the form below.

The stone setting is the way a gem or diamond is attached to the piece of jewellery. This work requires specialised knowledge and tools as even diamonds can shatter easily when handled incorrectly. Margriet Cuijpers has many years of experience setting diamonds and gems. She works with a microscope to set even the most refined and small stones.

Different Stone Settings

Gems are locked into the surrounding metal. There are many ways of doing so and each setting type has its own characteristics. Well-known examples are:

Prong Settings where the gemstone is held together using small claws;
Bezel Setting where the gemstone is enclosed in a perfectly-fitting metal casket;
Pave Setting (pronounced: ‘pa-vay’, which is French for ‘paved’) where the gemstones are placed directly into a recession in metal.

For examples of these and other settings, please find Margriet’s jewellery in our webshop or visit us in our studio and shop BLOU in Amsterdam.

Sollitaire Diamonds in Prong Setting

Prong Setting

Natural Diamonds in Pave Setting

Pave Setting

Diamonds in Bezel Setting

Bezel Setting

Repairing Loose Gemstones in your Ring and Jewellery

Precious jewellery deserves precious care. After some time, gemstones might let loose from their setting, possibly causing them to fall out of the ring. To avoid losing the precious gem or diamond, it is important to have your jewellery repaired as soon as stones let loose. Margriet will happily check your jewellery for potential damages to ensure your stones are cared for the way they deserve.

Get In Touch

Do you have a question regarding the setting work by Margriet Cuijpers, or do you have a piece of jewellery that you would like to have repaired? Please feel free to contact Margriet via the form below. She will gladly help you setting gemstones in a personal piece of jewellery.

You can also read more about Margriets work setting diamond and gemstones on her personal website (Dutch).