About BLOU Amsterdam

Are you looking for inspiration for purchasing a personal and unique item, then BLOU Amsterdam is the right place.

In the jewelry of Frouks and All Natural Diamonds by Margriet, the love for nature and the pleasure in their profession is visible. When you visit this inviting shop you will also find varying and affordable wall art every season.

BLOU’s 2 goldsmiths are inspired by gold and silver, fossils, precious stones and diamonds. The diversity in their designs is surprising, working from their heart, free or commissioned, special unique designs are created.

Repairing, adjusting or changing an existing piece of jewelry is also an option and is done in consultation and with dedication to the customer.
The accessibility and craftsmanship at BLOU ensures many beautiful projects and creations

Froukje and Margriet are ready for you with appropriate jewelry or advice.

Be welcome during opening hours or make an appointment.

Froukje van der Avoird

Froukje van der Avoird has over 25 years of experience as a goldsmith. Having finished the full goldsmith training at the Vakschool Schoonhoven, she developed an authentic and playful style. Her love for all kinds of gems and minerals leads to a diverse and colourful portfolio and a broad knowledge of different materials. She is able to grasp the personality of her clients and infuse them in her jewelry

Her jewelry is characterised by bold shapes and bright and abundant use of colours.

Froukje van der Avoird and Margriet Cuijpers at BLOU Amsterdam

Margriet Cuijpers

Margriet Cuijpers has over 35 years of experience in goldsmithing after finishing the full goldsmith training at the Vakschool Schoonhoven. She specialised as stonesetter, and later mastered the art of diamond cutting. These two skills are reflected in her designs by the unique and intricate use of diamonds in wildly diverse colours and shapes.

Her jewelry focuses around natural diamonds and pearls. She is not afraid of irregular shapes or rough stones, leading to interesting designs.