Welcome to BLOU Amsterdam

Welcome to BLOU Amsterdam, home to goldsmiths Froukje van der Avoird and Margriet Cuijpers. Each with multiple decennia of experience, they are two of the leading goldsmiths in Amsterdam. At BLOU, we love exploring artistic ideas and make unique and personal jewelry right from our studio on De Lange Leidsedwarsstraat in the Amsterdam Centre. Our goal: to make high quality personal jewelry using diverse materials.

We combine our knowledge and skill with the best materials to create unique and high-quality designs. Custom requests, reparations, or professional advice: you can be sure that Froukje and Margriet know how to help you.

Looking for a custom-made piece of jewelry? With our love for unique materials and by using advanced smithing techniques, we are able to create the most high-quality and special jewelry. Visit us in our studio to discuss your ideas.

Froukje van der Avoird and Margriet Cuijpers at BLOU Amsterdam